Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Divorcing: Why it’s going to happen sooner or later

First let me say to Kim and Kanye, I’m sorry to use you as an example for other people. No one wants to be the model for what not to do in a marriage. At their core, I do believe that they are both good, decent human beings as most of us are. The problem is simply this: when you receive an astronomical amount of attention everyday from millions of people, many of them worshiping and adoring you for doing basically nothing for them (I mean, has Kim or Kanye ever called to see how your day was? Dropped off some take out when you weren’t feeling well? Asked if you needed help on moving day?) you begin to believe that just by being you, you deserve love. When you get 150,000 “likes” just from posting a photo of your backside, it can easily convince you that your mere existence is a gift to others. You no longer think you have to give love in order to get it. In fact, your daily agenda quickly becomes finding ways to illicit more love and attention for yourself, and you develop a “taker” mentality. When you have two people in a marriage who both are focused on “taking love” instead of giving it, the relationship quickly and conclusively, crumbles.

Celebrities, often become Cursed when it comes to relationships. The reason, mainly, is that they expect their partner to act as their biggest fan. While it’s necessary, for example, for Kim to support Kanye in his music career, travel to see him, celebrate his triumphs and comfort him in disappointment, unlike a fan, she expects and deserves reciprocity from him. A marriage can only survive when each person puts the other one first. Love can only thrive when two people are more interested in the others well being above and beyond their own. With a power couple like Kimye, where each person is a brand and each day must be lived to keep that brand alive, the focus is simply going to be more on “me” than on “you, or even “we”.

Where did they go wrong?

In the beginning of their relationship, I’m sure everything was fine. In fact, due to money being no object, I’ll bet Kim and Kanye were just perfect. So what happened? It’s been reported that Kanye was in love with Kim at first site and spent years pining after her. So why did that change? Why couldn’t that love sustain during marriage? As many relationships go, Kim and Kanye were on their best behavior in the beginning, but as they grew comfortable in their marriage and began going through different hardships (her robbery, his hospitalization), their default personalities took over, and they ended up interacting with each other not with heart, but with ego. Let’s look at Kanye for example. Kanye saw Kim as a prize to be won. He had it all, except for her. She was the one thing that he wanted but couldn’t get. Then, he finally got her and what a boost to his manhood! It made him feel good about himself to have her as his own. But after that ego high wears off, there is a person, a partner, and a marriage that has to be tended to. He cannot go back to being the old Kanye because now he is someone’s husband and father. He has to think of THEM, instead of himself. However, the ego cannot do that. The ego is only interested in “self.” So if Kim is expecting him to be thoughtful, giving, and caring towards her, (as we all would hope our spouse would be), she’s going to be disappointed. Kanye’s main focus is going to Kanye. He will be completely self-involved as he always has been, and she really can’t fault him for it because he was that way when they met.

Kim on the other hand, wants to love and be loved, as we’ve all heard her proclaim. But again, you have to be more focused on the other person to make love grow. With two kids and an empire built around her name, face, body, and backside, how can she really have time for anyone else? It’s just not even possible. And it’s especially impossible when you are married to someone who commands just as much attention as you do.

The only way to save their marriage would be for one of them to give up their career to fully support and help grow the others’. And with two people like Kim and Kanye, that is just not likely to happen.

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Was It Something I Said - Should I text him back, best book on dating, best dating book

It’s not unusual for Jess McCann to receive a frantic late night call from one of her clients, asking for advice while out on a date. And every single girl knows the frustration of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and wishing she could take it back and say something better. Well, now you can get it right the first time around with McCann’s indispensable dating survival guide.

Was It Something I Said? tackles some of the most tricky and troublesome scenarios in today’s complicated dating world. McCann uses real life situational questions that frequently come up in her date coaching practice and gives play-by-play instructions for how best to handle and respond to them. So if you’re not sure how to get him to stop texting and start calling, whether or not to “friend” him on Facebook, or if you should tell him you’re dating other guys, this book has the answers. It will empower you to handle love’s little challenges the right way–it’s like having your own personal dating coach! Continue reading

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Same Fight, Different Day: One little change that can make a big impact when communicating with your partner

“We just can’t seem to stop fighting,” he told me. “And when we do stop, and try to figure out how not to fight again, we get into another fight!”

I was sitting across from a newly married couple, attempting to save their marriage. The last year had been extremely volatile and they were both at their wits end. They didn’t know how to reach each other, make the other understand their side, and move on from whatever problem they were having. It’s not that they fought about everything, in fact, they had only had three fights over the last year. The problem was that they fought numerous times about those three things. I had talked to them each separately, and now we were all together trying to work through their issues and get to a final resolution.

Finally, we made some headway and the husband and wife came to terms with how to handle their communication going forward. But just as we were about to part ways, the husband brought up something the wife had said in one of their fights; something she had insisted she didn’t say.

“Absolutely you said that!” He insisted quite loudly.

“That isn’t what I said at all,” she shouted back, and then recounted her side of the story for the third time that day.

As I listened to them go back and forth, and watched both tempers rise again, it became pretty clear why they kept repeating the same arguments.

I asked the husband why he brought up what his wife had said when we had already discussed a plan to move forward from this particular argument. He stated that they needed to get the facts straights. It drove him crazy that she said certain things and then just forgot or denied that she said them. After all, what she said started the fight to begin with, in his opinion. The wife just sat there, shaking her head while he told me this.

“Why is it so important to you that she admit what she said?” I asked. “Since you have already resolved the argument and decided on how to move forward, what point is there in bringing up something she said during your fight? Are you looking for her to admit she made a mistake? Do you want an apology from her? What is your goal here?” I asked him.

He looked stunned for a second and drew a blank. He wasn’t sure. Why was he going over things she said when we had all come to a resolution on the problem. Like most couples, and the husband in particular in this case, they both had trouble letting go of things. This time, something the wife had either said, implied, or something the husband had inferred had hurt his feelings and angered him, and now he wanted her to admit her wrongdoing.

The Future Is More Important Than The Past

The problem with most feuds is that in the heat of an argument most people don’t say, or remember things that were said, accurately. Most of the time, their words are motivated by raw emotion and because of that we may not speak as clearly as we think we do and we certainly don’t hear as unbiasedly as we could. So, while it might make sense to go over exactly how a fight went down in order to figure out how to avoid it in the future, rarely do both sides remember an argument exactly the same way. That’s why rehashing your version and badgering the other person to concede, is pointless. What makes the most sense, and gets the fastest resolution is stating how you interpreted what they said and how they made you feel. And on the flip side, apologizing quickly for how your words came across.

Communication isn’t as easy as just saying whatever is on your mind, unfortunately. With a relationship, it’s mostly about learning how the other person interprets messages. Some people you can be quite blunt with, and with others you have to be more tactful. Certain people take offense easily, and others have a thicker skin. Learning each others “hot button words” and avoiding them is particularly helpful when having a disagreement. As is trying to remain objective and unemotional, even though the fight likely began because someone’s feelings were hurt. It’s not easy to do, but if you can try to remember you are both on the same team and work with, instead of against each other to find a solution, you’ll find you yourselves making amends much quicker.

The last thing I told this couple was for each of them to be mindful of the words they used to express their emotions. There would be a lot less to work through and forgive if they simply fought “above the belt” in the first place. That way, the past wouldn’t stick to them as easily, and their emotional wounds wouldn’t take so long to heal either. It’s human nature to meet anger with anger and lash out at someone when they are lashing out at you, but staying rooted in love even when you’re upset can make a world of difference in how your altercations play out. So, if your partner starts yelling and making verbal blows, don’t rise to meet him. Instead, bring him back to your level by remaining clam, grounded, and thoughtful about your ultimate goal… which shouldn’t be to unload frustration, but to get both of you to a better place of understanding going forward.

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The 3 Reasons You May Be Cursed In Love

loveorlosingYou can’t believe it happened again. Another guy has disappointed you, and you’re beginning to wonder if the Universe just has it out for you. Why else would you attract another bad man into your life when all you want to do is find a good one? If this sounds like you, you may be asking yourself right now if there is something about you that is unknowingly telling men that it’s okay to lie to you…or cheat on you…or not commit to you. Whatever specific pattern keeps repeating itself in your relationships doesn’t matter because at the root of it all, bad behavior from a man boils down to one common theme: Selfishness. Doesn’t matter if he’s a liar, cheater, or a player. At the core of all those afflictions stands a man who simply cares more about himself than you. The question is, why do you keep falling for men who put themselves first?

1. Selfishness is often confused with confidence. When a guy is all about his wants and needs, he often puts up a fight to do things his way. He also spends little time asking what you want to do and simply moves forward making plans that are to his liking. To a lot of women this may seem like the guy is just being manly and taking control. After all, who doesn’t like a confident guy who knows what he wants and takes charge to get it. However, there is a fine line between confident and selfish. A confident guy will still make sure you feel heard and strive to ensure that your wants and needs are met. A selfish man will argue why his way is better. If he constantly alters plans that you’ve made, and accuses you of being the inflexible one, this man isn’t self-assured. He’s self-absorbed.

2. You are constantly seeking approval. Ever wonder why you love a challenge? Ever ask yourself why you don’t like the guys that like you? It could be that you aren’t looking for love but instead are addicted to seeking approval, and the selfish man will keep you in a constant state of that. Since you don’t realize why he never quite seems satisfied with you, your daily MO is aiming to please. It becomes a rush when he is happy and accepting of you, but a terrible let down when he doesn’t. This indicates that you are dating with your ego instead of your heart. The heart wants to find comfort and contentment, but the ego wants to seek approval and gain validation. Therefore anyone that you sense you have to “win over” is enticing. The sad part is that if you ever do triumph and conquer, you’ll just get bored and move on.

3. You cannot accept people for who they are. You would rather die than give up on him. On the outside he’s so perfectly your type, or you are so tired of being single, that the thought of letting go and moving on feels like you’re passing up on the best opportunity you’ll ever have. You think you can work on his flaws and possibly change him to be the caring, sensitive, and thoughtful person you know he can be. The hard truth is that we are back at reason 1 one for why you keep attracting the wrong guys. No matter how cute, well dressed, in shape or intellectual he is, at his core, he’s just a selfish guy. And changing that is not something you can do – he has to figure it out on his own. The best thing you can do is point it out and walk away. If he wants to work on that, let him do it on his own time and pray when he’s figured it out that you are still available.

If you think you are attracted to the wrong men, or are constantly living in an approval seeking state, it may be the very reason your relationships have not worked out thus far. Keep an eye out for my new book, The Curse: Why you can’t find or keep the love you want, coming out next year. Or contact me for personal coaching so that you can break your own “Curse” and make your next relationship the right one.

Let others know how you stopped dating the selfish man, or ask a question about it below!

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Why Won’t He Call It A Relationship?

Dear Jess,

I just read your book, WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID. I have been dating a man for 5 months. Right away he told me he wasn’t looking for a committed relationship and I told him I wasn’t either. Honestly, I do want that but I just didn’t want to lose him by telling him. Now it’s been several months and he is still hung up on not wanting a commitment even though we act like a couple. We see each other on a regular basis, spend weekends together, and have even vacationed in Hawaii. I know he is not seeing anyone else. Really, we are in a relationship, but he refuses to really acknowledge it. He texts and emails me everyday to say good morning and good night. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t talk. How do I get him to commit exclusively and call this what it is… a relationship!

Thank you!

Confused in Kentucky

Dear Confused,

Here is the good news. You are correct. You are in a relationship. Here is the bad news. It’s not the kind of relationship you want. If this man is verbally telling you that he doesn’t want to commit to you, then it means he wants to have the ability to walk away whenever he feels like it. It does not matter that he spends all his time with you now, because “the now” is not his concern. The concern is “later”, as in next month, next year, or five years from now. He is happy with you at the moment but unsure how he will feel tomorrow, and that is why he won’t commit. Is that because of you, or is it because he’s just that type of guy? The best way to find out the answer is look at the rest of his life outside his relationship with you. Does he have a problem committing to other people, such as his friends or family? Does he back out of plans often or wait to the last minute to make them? Does he agonize over major purchases because buying a house or a car is a long term commitment in itself? If the answer is yes, you are probably just dealing with a commitment phobic guy that needs more than a little nudge from you to tie the knot. Therapy may help, but many commitment-shy guys never really learn to fully settle down…even if they get married!

If, however, you find that he is solid in other areas and doesn’t have trouble committing to anything else, the problem may be specific to you and your relationship. If that is the case, your only recourse is to have a serious heart to heart with him and discuss what you want and need from him. If you continue to see him, and sleep with him, while still holding your tongue, you will only grown more resentful as time goes by. What’s worse is that you are likely going to put all your time, energy, and heart into someone that won’t stick with you when tough times hit. Do yourself a favor and own up to what you want. You should be more afraid of what will happen if you don’t say something, than if you do!
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Always Fighting? 3 ways to end constant bickering in your relationship

For months the rumor of a Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce have swirled, and the evidence is seemingly plentiful. Is she tired of Bruce’s parental-like supervision? Is he fed up with her constant scheming? After what was reported as a massive blow-up fight between the two over the career’s of daughters Kendall and Kylie, it would seem the couple was definitely headed for Splitsville. But since disagreements are daily in the Jenner-Kardashian family, a big brouhaha doesn’t seem to have fazed them in the slightest. They are reported as saying, “we are in love and happy.”

For Kris and Bruce (and the rest of the clan for that matter) yelling and fighting seems to be just the way they communicate. Some families just operate that way. They can scream and scold each other one minute, and then stop to share some fro-yo the next. For my husband and I, it’s not in our DNA to carry on that way. We try to avoid getting heated at all costs, which can be tough when you are newly married and still learning each others quirks. Fortunately, after being together for four years my husband and I have figured out how to keep the lines of communication open, and the confrontational blow-ups at bay.

Here are a few things I’ve learned that can definitely help you to keep the fighting in your relationship to a minimum.

1. Don’t take complaints personally.

My husband rarely comes home in a salty mood but everyone has those days when things don’t go their way and life leaves them more on edge than usual. In the moments when a guy (or gal) is grouchy due to something else going on, it’s easy for them to find fault with everything else around them…ie, you! Maybe you left the cap off the toothpaste for the 90th time, or you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning and you’ll be sending your man to work pant-less in the morning. Regardless of the reason, he is yelling at something you did and his uber moodiness is directed at you. The worst thing you can do at this moment is jump into the pool of persecution while the water is warm. Although the natural human reaction is to fight yelling with yelling, it will only escalate the fight to the next level (or five levels, depending how loud you are.) Remain calm, and realize that you are not the true cause of his anger and frustration. If you keep yourself disengaged from the argument, much like how a parent doesn’t get riled up when their child throws a temper tantrum, you’ll bring your partner back to a composed state. It’s easier said than done, but if you practice not taking certain complaints personally, you’ll find yourself arguing a lot less.

2. Forget playing defense.

When you are married especially, you quickly learn that there are no “sides” anymore. You are a family unit and there are no longer winners and losers in your arguments. Because as Rosie Perez said in White Men Can’t Jump, “Sometimes when you win, you really lose.” Trying to make yourself right in a fight, has a huge downside. You can make the other person feel not only wrong, but stupid, unimportant, unloved, and fearful of speaking their mind again. Do that enough, and you’re relationship will be irreparable. Therefore, check your ego at the door. If your partner is genuinely upset at something you did, don’t start attacking them back to invalidate their point. Be humble enough to listen to what he is trying to tell you bothers him, because you are not perfect and you can always improve yourself. If you show your other half that you are always willing to try to do better, he will follow your example when you ask the same of him.

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Connecticut Shooting: How can you help prevent another tragedy?

The sadness around the country is pervasive. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have senselessly lost their loved ones in Friday’s mass shooting in Sandy Hook. How could something so terrible have happened is still incomprehensible, and how we can prevent a tragedy like this from occurring yet again is now weighing on everyone’s mind. Should we have stricter gun laws? Should we have police monitoring schools? Should the media stop reporting on details that inadvertently make these killers memorable? These are some of the questions that will be examined and decided by (for the most part) our state and federal government, but left me feeling a bit powerless this morning. I want to help ensure that our country is safe for our kids. I don’t want to just sit and sob as the names of the young victims are read on TV. I want to do something so I can contribute to making today’s world a place where you can send your child to school and not have to worry about them returning home at the end of the day.

This morning I heard a Rabbi from Sandy Hook mention that the shooter, Adam Lanza, was bullied and picked on in his earlier years, a common theme that links him to other mass murderers, like Virgina Tech shooter, Seung-Hui. The Rabbi said explicitly that being bullied does not excuse the crime, but it does provide insight into the minds of some of these apathetic killers. Many of them have lead isolating lives. Many have been laughed at, picked on, and teased. Now, for people without mental health issues, being bullied can damage their self-esteem for life. But for people who are mentally unstable already, we have seen too frequently now how being bullied can cause unspeakable crimes felt across an entire nation.

Most parents I know teach their children to play nicely with others. We scold kids for fighting and praise them for sharing, but children develop their behavior more from what they see, not what they are told, which means we have to be the example we want our kids to follow. I remember a few years back, sitting at an intersection with my husband when the car in front of us started backing up and accidentally hit us. No one was injured and the damage to both cars minimal, but the driver got out and began screaming at us for being too close to her. My husband and I starred at her in disbelief as she called us every name in the book. She rolled her eyes and swore under breath, and all the while her sixteen year old daughter sat in the passenger seat. I’m sure this woman was just having a bad day, but she was clearly teaching her child that her behavior was acceptable.

I know that most of us would never cause an accident and then berate the very person we ran into, but what about other common occurrences that cause us to act bully-like? How can we tell our kids to be nice to each other at school if we come home and yell or make snide remarks to our spouses? How can we tell little boys and girls not to lash out when they are frustrated if we can’t keep our cool during a traffic jam? If we want to put an end to bullying and try to prevent retaliatory events, I don’t think more talking is the answer. I think the answer is us being the right example when it really matters.

I think it also means all of us adults being nicer to people in general. Smiling more at each other, or lending a helping hand. If someone is different and we as grown-ups don’t make the effort to chat with them and show our children to love all types of people, what can we really expect? Asking kids to do something that we as adults aren’t doing is hypocrisy. Now that we are no longer adolescents, the world is our school and we are each others classmates. We need to show the next generation how to be kind to each other so that we can do our small part in preventing another terrible and tragic event.

I don’t know what will happen in regards to gun control. I don’t know if the answer is to add more school security. I do know, however, that I can control how I interact with every human being I encounter, and hopefully being kind, tolerant, and loving, especially in times where it is difficult to do so, will inspire others to do the same. Please join me.

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The Worst Thing A Guy Can Do To You…

By now we’ve seen all Tiger Woods’ scripted apology to America. Whether or not you took it as a heartfelt admission of wrong doing is completely up to you. As I listened, I personally, wasn’t thinking about Tiger’s sincerity. I really didn’t care if he was full of remorse or regret. Instead I thought to myself, is there anything worse you can do to a woman than cheat on her and have unprotected sex with multiple women? It’s pretty disgusting to think about the man you love banging a porn star without a condom and bringing that back to your bedroom. I can only imagine how hurt, betrayed, and angry his wife is at this moment. However, even as bad as this whole Tiger mess is, I actually don’t think it’s the worse thing a guy can do to you. Continue reading

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Which guys will make bad husbands?

My mother used to always warn me about the guys that would make crappy husbands. She would say, “You know which guys will be bad husbands?” I’d look at her with a blank stare and no intelligible answer. I waited to hear what perils of wisdom she had that I hadn’t figured out yet. But the answer was not some secret passed on through the ages. The answer was simply, bad boyfriends. Bad boyfriends make bad husbands.

There is a new book out that everyone needs to read. It’s called, Blunder, and it has absolutely nothing to do with relationships. Although when I read it, I thought, “Wow, this has everything to do with relationships!” The book’s subtitle is, why smart people make dumb decisions, and it explains the seven reasons people make bad decisions. While reading it I couldn’t help but think of two friends of mine. One is a stunningly beautiful woman. She has a masters. She makes well over six figures and works very hard. She has lots of friends and admirers, and is often pursued by eligible men. The other friend is more on the plain side. Not the first person you would notice when she walks into a room. Got decent grades in school, but no advanced degree. She has a government job and enjoys her long weekends. By all accounts her life is pretty standard. Except last month, her handsome and successful boyfriend asked her to marry him. While my stunningly beautiful friend’s husband just left her for another woman.

I’m not exaggerating. My plain friend is engaged to a true catch. While my friend that seems to “have it all”, doesn’t know how to get it together. When I was reading, Blunder, it perfectly pointed out several reasons why my beautiful friend is so unlucky in love.

In the book, one of the blunders is called “Exposure Anxiety.” It’s defined as this — “Your need to appear strong and your fear of appearing weak makes you overcompensate and become aggressive unnecessarily.” This was the problem with stunning friends’ husband. He was often a bully and a hard head. He was as stubborn as a mule and always expressed his views with unwavering conviction…code for he never thought he was wrong. Inside this husband was actually a scared and weak person terrified that people would think less of him. But my friend never saw that. She saw a confident and strong man instead. She suffered from a blunder called, “Mirror Imaging.” Which is defined as thinking that everyone feels, thinks, and behaves as you do. My friend just couldn’t grasp that her husband was an insecure and self-centered guy. She would continually try to work with him, cater to him, and above all, worship him. She couldn’t see how his tough guy exterior could really be housing a self-conscience, coward.

My friend never saw her husband for who he really was. She was shocked and devastated when he walked out on her. But the rest of us always knew that day would come. You see, he was a horrible boyfriend to her. He flirted with other women to fill the void in his ego, and always threw a fit when he didn’t get his way. Continue reading

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Chris Brown & Rihanna : What does abuse look like?

Today, a picture of a battered and bruised Rihanna, hit the media circuit causing more shock to fans everywhere. We can’t be sure yet that the picture is in fact, the 20 year-old singer, but it has been confirmed that Chris Brown did in fact physically abuse her. This morning on the Today Show, Kathy Lee announced a rumor circulating that Chris and Rihanna had reconciled. If that turns out to be true, how will Rihanna look to the public? I can’t fathom people supporting her decision to forgive and forget, even if Chris Brown seeks therapy. It just looks … Continue reading

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