Don’t Date This Man: How Facebook Can Help You Avoid The Wrong Guys

It’s bsurprisedladyecome the norm these days. You meet someone, you get their number, you go home and google them. You may find an inactive Linkedin account, a professional business photo, and their listing in the white pages, but none of those things will tell you as much about a guy than good old Facebook. If you can fully view a guy’s Facebook page, a world of juicy information awaits you…you just have to be able to decode it’s meaning.

Typically if you are the kind of woman that is looking for a relationship, then you want to avoid guys that are immature, shallow, egotistical, and/or selfish. They not only make bad boyfriends, the often never fully commit to a relationship.  Remember, a man who is too in love with himself will have no room left in his heart for you. The four negative qualities I previously mentioned, all boil down to being self-absorbed. Here are the top five ways to figure out via Facebook if you are potentially getting involved with the wrong kind of guy.

1. He has many pictures of just himself. If you click on his profile pics and realize he has multiple photos of himself, it could mean he loves his face a little too much. If he’s at least doing something in the pictures (running a marathon, hiking a cool trail, or in front of a national landmark) that’s more understandable than seeing ten snapshots of him just posing again and again in his best ensemble. You want a guy that has a good heart and a well adjusted self-esteem. Too many “cool” photos of him, especially one’s where other people are purposely cropped out, could be a red flag. If you find quite a few shirtless shots, find yourself another guy.

2. He is constantly posting self-gratifying updates. Are most of his status updates to alert others on his wonderful and impressive life? Do most of his mobile updates include him at parties, hanging with celebs, or pics with a harem of women? If so, this could be a man who’s mind has not evolved past his teenage years. A good, well-adjusted guy will post about other things besides himself – sport, news, or family and friends. He won’t display an eagerness to impress, but rather an ability to connect!

3. He is always announcing his location, location, location. Could you track every minute of his life for the last five years? If a guy constantly posts his whereabouts,  you have to ask yourself the question, why does he think everyone needs to know what he’s doing at all times? Although you may think you want a man with a jet-setting lifestyle, it’s more smoke and mirrors than actual substance. Besides if he’s always club hopping, restaurant going, charity balling and boys night-outing, when will he have time for a real relationship?

4. He is always boozing. If his page could drink, it would be plastered. Most, if not all of his pictures include big red cups or dark brown bottles. He may not go out very often but that’s only because he’s a one man party. A guy that drinks most nights of the week is definitely more interested in getting smashed than getting serious. While this tell-tale sign may not point to directly to self-love, you definitely don’t want to come second to Sam Adams.

5. He loves stuff. If you find his page to be more of a display of his toys (from his car or bike to his newest watch or shotgun) you may want to rethink investing your time into someone so materialistic. Although you may initially swoon over those pics of him on his Ducati, remember that what matters in the long run is a man’s character, not his play things. Too much “stuff” on his profile may indicate that his ego is tied into labels, brands, and ultimately what other people think.

For more answers to relationship questions, contact me, Jess McCann, for a personal consultation.  Also be sure to check out her new book, Was It Something I Said? : The answers to all your dating dilemma’s, hitting stores January 2013.

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2 Responses to Don’t Date This Man: How Facebook Can Help You Avoid The Wrong Guys

  1. Mary says:

    haha, I know someone like that :) Thank you for the tips!

  2. Abby says:

    Good ol’ facebook. I dated a guy like that once, with no one else in any of his photos. And yesterday my boyfriend’s brother added me, and after a couple clicks I discovered my man has an illegitimate child that he never told me about! That takes the cake!

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