Making a play for an NFL player

Hey Jess!

I have wrote you before… but this is kind of exciting news… I used the SEE technique that you described in your book tonight and the back up tight end from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Matt Spaeth came up and danced with me after using it…. your book has been very inspirational!

I hope you had a fabulous holiday season and the new year brings you happiness and everything you wish for! Take Care!

Hi Krista

That is a great story. Thanks for sharing. Most girls don’t realize how easy it is to get a guy to approach you. Most women go out to a bar with their friends, huddle together, laughing and chatting. They want to meet men, but they think that they don’t and shouldn’t have to do anything to make that happen. Men will not cross a room and risk rejection without a “buying sign” from you. So if you think that you can just put yourself into a social setting, and men will flock to you, I’m telling you now, that you are just flat out wrong. You have to do something. The easiest thing to do is the SEE factor. It stands for Smile, Eye contact, Energy. When you see a guy you may like to meet, smile at him, look him in the eye for a good two seconds, and exude a good positive energy. Do not play aloof, and pretend not to notice him in attempt to play hard to get. Men, if you are reading this, please help me help women meet you. Back me up on this one.


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4 Responses to Making a play for an NFL player

  1. Rick says:

    Yes, I agree 100% with Jess’s assessment. Meeting people in a two way street and I will rarely approach a woman until I feel somewhat comfortable that my approach will be welcomed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    She’s right…a guy likes to know that he’s not gonna be shot down in the first three seconds. I’ll approach a girl who smiles at me at a bar 10 times out of 10

  3. tgriff says:

    great story. but the better advice might be how NOT to have the the back up tight end from the Pittsburgh Steelers come grind on you at the bar.

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