2 Responses to Do You Feel Cursed in Love? Why you still don’t have the relationship you want

  1. sherbert says:

    Just read the intro of “Cursed” and it makes sense, and I have been thinking the same thing about some of my girlfriends! I have a single girl friend who is always hurting/feeling sorry for herself and wishing for love, friendship. I became climbing friends with her and was turned off by how self absorbed she is. I’ve noticed people assume the attributes of shyness and self-consciousness are sweet, but those attributes are actually selfish, because it is a primary concern for themselves and how they are perceived. I wonder if this could also be my problem.

  2. jessmccann says:

    A wonderful observation about your friend! I’m so glad you’ve picked up the book and are learning from it. Have you read “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle yet? That can help you as well. Also I’m starting a book club over Instagram if you are interested in reading the books I mention in Cursed. Please feel free to follow me on there @say.jess.to.love

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