Do You Need A Dating Coach? Why you shouldn’t handle your love life alone

A few months ago, a new client asked me a very important question. “Why do some of your clients get married and others do not?” It got me thinking. What do my successful clients have in common, and what separates them from my clients that have not enjoyed the same kind of success?

I have thought about this before. Such a question, of course, always has many answers. People are different. They take advice differently. They listen and act differently. But what separates ultimate success from further frustration, failure and loneliness? Was it my clients’ willingness to self-improve that led them to love? Their perspective on relationships? Their resilience in time of disappointment? Actually, I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t any of those things. The answer, I think, is much simpler than that.

You see, the people who reach out to me have many problems in common. They have had difficulty finding love, and they usually see a negative pattern in all their relationships. They don’t know why the pattern keeps happening, which means they also do not know how to fix it. Most of the time I am able discern a lot of what is causing so much distress in just a few phone calls. But, just figuring the “why” behind their problem or pattern isn’t enough. As I am sure you all are aware, there are many, many pitfalls on the road to love, any one of which can end a relationship in a heartbeat. So, the real work comes after my diagnosis. Some people try to correct past mistakes and travel the road alone, only seeking more coaching when they stray or a big problem arises. Others, however, keep in close contact with me and have me walk them through the entire process- from how to meet someone, date appropriately, secure a commitment, and finally, get married. I have concluded that, right there, is the answer to the question of who is successful and who is not.

Since I have come to this conclusion, I have decided to change my coaching structure so that I can better and more effectively serve my clients, and they in turn can get better, and faster results. I am not a miracle worker (although a lot of my clients have disagreed when I say that) but I’m very certain that a longer term coaching program will work much better for any client desiring a healthy, happy relationship. Much like a trainer helping someone get in shape, it takes a time commitment on both sides, meeting regularly in order to stay on the right track and see results. Therefore, as of January 2018, I will stop doing single or package calls and emails, and I will be changing my business model to a six month coaching program for clients who are ready to make big changes in their love life. I do hope you will be one of them.

Whether you are single, actively dating, in a relationship, or even engaged or married, allow me to help you get the relationship you’ve always hoped for but have not yet achieved.

Here are the details of the 2018 Coaching Program:

Each month includes:

Two 50 minute coaching sessions via phone, Facetime, or in-person
Up to 10 emails for questions, updates, and advice
Emergency texting for time-sensitive situations
A full online dating profile make-over
One initial photo shoot with professional grade camera for profile (and you keep all the photos!)*
Relationship or couples counseling, as one or both of your sessions, if you are in a relationship (or when you get into one.)

Cost: (Currently offered only through Paypal) Please email me at for the monthly subscription fee.

This new structure does mean that I can only take on a finite number of clients. Of course, I wish I could take on every woman (or man) in distress but being just one person, I have only so much time in a day. I will work on a first come, first served basis, and will go to a wait list for overflow. If you are interested and want to see if I have availability for you to join the program, please email me. And of course, if you have questions about the program, please do not hesitate to ask.

I hope you are as excited as I am with this new approach. I truly believe that it will be very beneficial for my clients, producing better and longer lasting results. I look forward to working with many of you and making 2018 the best year yet!


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Interview with a dating coach: Jess McCann sits down with social media madam Pamela Sorensen

Dating Coach, Dating Tips, Jess McCann, Was it Something I Said? You Lost Him at HelloAsk any woman her opinion on the state of dating in this town and unless she’s a 22 year old, 5’11″, 110 lb runway model, she’ll most likely scowl, roll her eyes and give you an emphatic “It’s a cesspool” or “I just returned from freezing my eggs.” Frankly, for my friends in LA to Boston, and Chicago to San Francisco, dating … and I mean dating with the intent to find MR. / MISS RIGHT (not just right now), is about as easy as making apple pie. Following a recipe. In Japanese. If you are French. Why else is the woeful world of the journey to the center of romance a zillion dollar industry? Because it’s hard and WE. NEE.D HELP.

I admit when I was in my most recent serious relationship, I felt no favor toward those who were whirling dervishes in Singledom. Mainly because I’d spent over ten years there, and my friends (and even those whom I’d just met), only lamented on the sad state of men. I’d listen, and then turn to my then boyfriend and say, “Oh, thank goodness we are together. I’d just HATE to be back out there again.” Then real life continued… Since the last time I had a serious boyfriend was years ago, I was out of practice in figuring out how to manage being in a real relationship. By the time I had figured how to get back in the saddle and ride with out falling off, it was over. So now I get to return to the other side. The dark side. Now I am looking to remember just how to DATE.

Enter Jess McCann, dating coach, author of now two books, one of which is being re-relased Feb 5th. The first time I laid eyes on this blond, tall, slender beauty, I wasn’t totally convinced I’d be able to learn much from her. It was years ago when I was a dating queen, and she seemed to be too much “pretty girl-next-door” type. Too sweet. Then I read her book “You Lost Him at Hello” and was like, um, what a smart woman! Fast forward to today, when I realize her new book was going to be launching, and I was suddenly single. Hello UNIVERSE.

So Jess and I meet for coffee at Arlington’s EuroMarket … continue reading full article. Continue reading

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